Kn+w Y-ur Sign launches brand new campaign featuring community celebrities for gay, bisexual and questioning men.

Know Your Sign, encourages gay men to know their risk, take a test, find out about PrEP, and/or start treatment through knowing their star signs. Gayhealth wants to make the experience as simple, safe, and appropriate for the GBQ community.

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Join Singapore’s leading independent, non-government organisation of HIV experts.
AFA dedicates it’s mission to fighting AIDS/HIV infection in Singapore. It draws upon a network of healthcare professionals, advocates, educators and volunteers, to implement educational, testing, treatment and welfare programmes. We will not be able to achieve our mission from individuals. It takes an entire team united behind something big.

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AfA presents Red Ribbon Awards to British High Commission & Luxasia Foundation

This year, we were honoured to present the Awards to two remarkable organisations with whom we have enjoyed significant partnerships: The British High Commission and Luxasia Foundation. At the event to receive the Awards were His Excellency Scott Wightman, British High Commissioner to Singapore, and Mr Patrick Chong, Chairman of Luxasia Foundation.