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World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day 2023 – Let Communities Lead

World AIDS Day is commemorated every 1st of December to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS and demonstrate solidarity. This year’s global theme is “Let Communities Lead”, which emphasizes the leadership roles that communities play in HIV advocacy. On top of celebrating the transformative achievements of communities, it is a call to action to enable and support communities in leading the response against the HIV epidemic.

Within Singapore and beyond, communities involved in HIV services are made up of people from incredibly diverse backgrounds. Individuals from various races, ages, socio-economic backgrounds, gender expressions, sexualities, and other identities unite for the common goal of ending AIDS and HIV-related stigma. For HIV does not discriminate; its impact can be felt across all segments of society. Therefore, facing the epidemic is a communal-led effort in which unity and diversity are imperative.

AfA Singapore is proud to be part of the community that is leading the way towards achieving three zeroes in Singapore: Zero new HIV infections, Zero HIV/AIDS-related deaths, and Zero HIV-related stigma & discrimination. As outlined in our Community Blueprint, AfA Singapore and community partners work together in delivering HIV services to affected key populations within our nation.

We hope you can join us and the rest of the community in commemorating World AIDS Day, by contributing to our fundraising campaign or taking part in the various activities lined up for this season. Your contributions will help communities like us take the lead in bringing societal progress and keeping the region on the path of ending AIDS.

This page will be updated with information on activities relating to World AIDS Day 2023. In the meantime, do consider making a financial contribution to our World AIDS Day campaign at one of the following portals:


Radio Interview with CNA938

AfA Board Member Paul Anantharajah Tambyah was featured on CNA938’s Asia First with Arnold Gay & Andrea Heng. In this radio interview, Prof Tambyah gave updates on medical updates on HIV research, the HIV situation in Singapore, and the response of the local community.


Drag Qabaret presents: Christmas in TOYLAND!

Qabaret is back this Holiday Season with another live-singing drag fundraiser for AfA’s Fund for the Arts!

To date, we have raised nearly $200K for the Fund. Your generous donations have allowed us to fund and produce 2 short films (“The Note” and “Sam”) as well as the 3rd season of People Like Us.

Help us raise more funds for future projects! The Fund for the Arts strives to fund local artists to create works tackling Stigma and Discrimination in the LGBTQ community, particularly those living with HIV.

This year, we are creating a magical Christmas spectacle with all your favourite TOYS! We will be bringing your favourite toys to life in a queer cabaret! Christmas in Toyland will be held on 16 Dec 2023, 7.30pm at Laughing Juice, and tickets are exclusively by donation to AfA Singapore.