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Women: LASH

Women: LASH

Women: LASH

Programme Background

AfA launched the programme Love And Sexual Health (LASH) in 2018 to reach out to women and provide information on HIV, building their awareness and enabling them to take control of their sexual health. We do this in three ways:

    • Female-friendly screening and counselling services
    • Outreach and education
    • Research

Outreach Past Events or Achievements 

Testing – Over 1000 women have accessed our service since ATS launched the Women’s Friendly Night, where women are given complimentary tests and counselled by trained female counsellors.
Training – AfA delivers capacity-building workshops for women and girls, covering a wide range of topics, including consent, assertiveness, contraceptives, and STI/HIV prevention.
Research – Due to paucity of information available on sexual health and HIV  knowledge, and attitudes of women and girls, LASH undertook  a needs assessment in collaboration with the National University of Singapore. The study revealed the current trends in sexual behaviours and attitudes among female university students in Singapore.