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Financial Subsidies

Financial Subsidies

Financial Subsidies

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Whether you are newly diagnosed, living with HIV for some time, or seeking more information or assistance, we are here to provide you with the support and care that you need.
AfA provides a safe space for PLHIVs through engagement, involvement, training, and counselling, with the aim of enhancing health and well-being.



Financial Support Programmes

AfA offers various Financial Support programmes to PLHIVs based on an assessment and fulfilment of certain criteria

Linkage to Care Fund: For newly diagnosed PLHIVs

We would like to make it easier for you to start your journey to better health and management of HIV infection. We will subsidise your first visit to various healthcare institutions such as Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases (TTSH/NCID), National University Hospital (NUH MIDC), and Changi General Hospital (CGH), up to a maximum of $200. This will help to cover a major portion of the costs for laboratory tests and consultation charges on your first visit.
This subsidy scheme started in 2009 is only applicable to Singaporeans/Permanent Residents who have tested HIV-positive at AFA’s Anonymous Testing Services (both the ATS & MTS).
A referral letter will be issued by our Clinic Manager/Case Manager based on your preferred choice of healthcare institution. The counter staff there will make the necessary arrangement for the subsidy if you present the referral letter from us. Your bill will have up to $200 deducted from it.

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Paddy Chew Empowerment Fund

Started in 1998, our longest-running empowerment subsidy to provide critical and timely financial support to lower the cost of living. Some of Anti-retroviral medications are classified as standard drugs in Singapore and the financial burden can deter adherence to treatment.
To ensure that we incorporate GIPA principles (Greater Involvement of People Living with HIV/AIDS), AFA supports PLHIV who give back to the community by participating in educational activities and AIDS awareness talks. In doing so, they help us reach and influence more people, and at the same time are voices for other PLHIVs

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HIV+ Pregnant Mother’s Fund

The HIV+ Pregnant Mothers Fund was established in 2007 to help eliminate vertical transmission of HIV. To achieve this, we provide assistance for HIV-positive pregnant mothers who cannot afford anti-retroviral treatment. All applications for the financial subsidy are submitted to AfA through a certified medical social worker from healthcare institutions.

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Care for Family Fund

Caring for a PLHIV and meeting the associated medical costs, in many cases, puts a significant strain on a family’s resources. In our encounters with affected families, the financial burden of treatment is cited as a key reason for patients failing to adhere to treatment. To offset some of the costs associated with living with HIV, AfA offers the Care for Family Fund subsidy to affected PLHIVs and their families.

Applications for financial subsidy are submitted to AfA via medical social workers on behalf of their clients. This ensures that the appropriate needs assessment is done by social work professionals, and that all other avenues of government funding have already been exhausted prior to their application. With these measures in place, the financial assistance will reach individuals and families who are most in need.

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Emergency Fund

High levels of stigma, discrimination and ignorance mean that many people who are diagnosed with HIV could lose their jobs due to discrimination. The Emergency Fund aims to provide support to young PLHIV (<30 years) who have been terminated from their employment due to their HIV status for an interim period. This helps them cope with some of their daily expenses and their medication costs while they seek new employment and help.

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