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HSO: Heterosexual Outreach

HSO: Heterosexual Outreach

HSO: Heterosexual Outreach

About Heterosexual Outreach Programme

The Heterosexual Outreach Programme started in 2010 and targets mainly heterosexual men with multiple partners. Key issues within this population are inconsistent condom use, low perceived risk to HIV and extremely low uptake of voluntary HIV testing. There is also low awareness of medical advances in HIV management, hence most heterosexuals continue to be diagnosed at later stages of HIV infection. The programme aims to raise awareness on HIV prevention, testing and treatment; and promote early and voluntary testing and linkage to care

Club Outreach

This initiative targets males ages 18 – 50 who frequent entertainment establishments. Our volunteers distribute HIV educational collaterals, condoms and free test kits to more than 250 – 300 of these establishments.

Safe Sex Show

Also known as SSS, these short edutainment segments are where we engage our Mediacorp ambassadors to provide knowledge about HIV and to encourage early testing in a fun and entertaining way. These are usually held in entertainment establishments together with live performances.

Getai Outreach

Getai shows are typically held during the Chinese Seventh Month. We work with the organisers of these shows to include a lively segment where we take over the stage to highlight the importance of early diagnosis and encourage early testing. In conjunction, our Mobile Testing Service (MTS) is onsite during the getai, which then helps to drive immediate and on-the spot HIV testing. This initiative mainly reaches out to older heterosexual males (aged 40 – 65 who may not perceive themselves as being at risk) and their partners.

Ferry Terminal Traveller Outreach

Our team also conducts outreach at Harbourfront Ferry Terminal to engage men who travel to neighbouring countries. They hand out HIV educational material, condoms as well as test kits to these travellers.

Coffeeshop Outreach

On a larger scale, we also visit eateries in the evenings to speak to and hand out collaterals. This outreach was expanded in the last two years due to the closure of entertainment establishments due to COVID-19.

Online Getai Shows

This virtual initiative was conceptualised in response to the COVID-19 pandemic when all live performances including getai shows were cancelled. We then brought the outreach online and conducted four live shows in 2021, featuring song performances, skits as well as lucky draws.

The HSO team continues to innovate and remains steadfast in its goal of zero new infections within this group by 2030.