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The Theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is “STOP AIDS : Keep the Promise ” and this theme will remain till 2010. Its the firs time UNAIDS (Joint United Nations Programme on AIDS) has handed over the responsibility for World AIDS Day to an independent organization known as The World AIDS Campaign.In Singapore , Action for AIDS has decided to adopted the theme ” STOP AIDS : Keep the Promise” as the generic theme for 2005 with an umbrella of sub-themes underlining the main theme. Under the theme “STOP AIDS : Keep the Promise”, AfA Singapore adopt sub themes like :

– “STOP AIDS: Keep the Promise on enhancing Prevention for MSM”

– “STOP AIDS: Keep the Promise on enhancing Prevention for High Risk Heterosexual Males”

– “STOP AIDS: Keep the Promise on enhancing Empowerment for Women”

– “STOP AIDS:Keep the Promise on increasing outreach for Youth Prevention”

– “STOP AIDS: Keep the Promise on increasing Care and Treatment”

– “STOP AIDS: Keep the Promise on fighting Stigm a a nd Discrimination within the workplace and beyond”

– “STOP AIDS” is a clear message for World AIDS Day 2005 in Singapore . “Keep the Promise…..” is an appeal to government, policy makers and the community at large to ensure that they meet the targets they have agreed to in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the various sub themes on HIV/AIDS in Singapore.

World AIDS Day 2005 Campaign for Singapore will start from 1stDecember 2005. There will be a series of events and media campaign in terms of awareness and outreach during this period.

What can Singaporeans do for World AIDS Day 2005? Singaporeans can wear a red ribbon and ask others to do the same, raise HIV/AIDS awareness among the peer group you are in – be it Youths, Women, MSM or Heterosexual Males, protect yourself and your partners all year round and if you think you are at risk, come forward for an anonymous HIV testing at our clinic on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

World AIDS DAY Events for 2005 in Singapore

Since the World AIDS campaign begins from 26 November 2005 till 3rd December 2005 , the following events were :

1. Kiehl’s launch of Grapefruit Hand and body cleanser under Youth AIDS. This event will be held from 6.30pm to 8.30pm at Scotts Shopping Center . This events targets at raising higher awareness for youth prevention during World AIDS Day.

2. Launch of “Angels in America :” on HBO Asia on a regional basis. HBO will collaborate with AfA in putting out a message that the show hopes to educate the public of AIDS stigma and discrimination within a particular alternate lifestyle community as well as the need to step up prevention messages in those segments

3. Bar outreach on the 1 December 2005 . AfA will be working with 10 different bars and discos to promote Safer Sex on this particular evening. Condoms and safer sex materials will be distributed to patrons all night at the selected bars. Mox’s cafe and Bar will resume its World AIDS Day awareness and fundraising activities for AfA on the 3rd December 2005

4. There will also be a performance art on Dec 1 st called “Silent Dialogues With Bottles” to be held at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts at 7pm . The performance by two independent artists, Ms Sabrina Koh and Ms Natasha Wei, who will engage the audience on sexuality and empowerment of women. This is jointly supported by AFA and AWARE and donations from this event will go to the anonymous HIV testing for women.