Process of Taking a Test

Launched in 2011, the Mobile HIV Testing and Counselling Service (MTS) aims to make anonymous HIV testing more accessible and convenient to members of the public. This community project is our latest effort to make HIV testing in Singapore more accessible.

MTS is supported by the MAC AIDS Fund and supported by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports, and the Department of STI Control.

MTS Process

  • When should I test?

    With the introduction of the 4th generation HIV antigen & antibodies test kits, the window period to take a test is now shorten to 14 days.

  • Step 1: Introductions

    Our volunteers wearing a tag will be walking around where the van is deployed. Approach one of these friendly volunteers if you would like to find out more about testing, window period or information about HIV and other STIs.

    Let them know if you would like to take a test, and they will help you through the next few steps.

  • Step 2: Registration

    A coordinator will hand over a queue number. You will be asked to help fill up  an anonymous questionnaire to help our counselor understand you a little better. Once it is completed, the coordinator will direct you to proceed to the van.

  • Step 3: Testing Procedure

    Proceed to van with the completed anonymous questionnaire. Once you are in the van, a trained counsellor will proceed with the following:

    • for payment/ complimentary coupon or other arrangement. Each test is 30/- cash only
    • for the desired mode of testing: HIV Oral Fluid Test or HIV Blood or/and Syphilis Blood

    Counsellor will assign a unique serial and a receipt/ID card to client as an identification.


    Counsellor will then perform the test procedure:

    Oral Fluid

    If you have chosen to have the oral fluid test, your counsellor will take you through the test in the same room where you are counselled.

    The oral fluid test kit does not require any blood samples, only oral fluids from the mucous membrane lining in your mouth. The counsellor will hand over the test stick, where you will swap it along your gums.

    Blood Testing

    If you have chosen to have the blood testing, you will be asked to wait outside the testing room until your number is called. When it’s your turn, the volunteer tester will call your number. In the room, your finger will be pricked to get a few drops of blood for the HIV-antibody test strip.

    Only sterile and disposable equipment are used for this procedure, including gloves, needles, test strips, and cotton wool.

  • Step 4: Counselling

    Once the test procedure is done, your counsellor will start the counselling session. You should take this opportunity to ask your counsellor any questions you have about HIV, safer sex or sexual health.

    For the purpose of doing an HIV risk assessment, counsellor will ask some personal questions about your sexual risk behaviour. Some notes may be taken down on the form, but this will still remain anonymous & confidential. Rest assured that all information provided is kept anonymous & confidential.

  • Step 5 : Result Collection

    There are two ways to collect your results

    1. From your counsellor

      • Your test results should be ready in 20 mins
      • We will explain to you to call MTS for result. The details of the information when and where to call is on the receipt/ID card to client earlier together with a unique serial and a password as identification
    2. Through calling

      • call the MTS hotline: 9734 2230 60 min later, quote your receipt/ID card with a unique serial and a password as identification
      • Once your password and unique serial are verified, Coordinator/Counsellor will release the result verbally

    SMSes will not be entertained.