MTS : Mobile Testing Service

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The MTS van is a first in Singapore and is an extension and expansion of the Anonymous Testing and Counselling Service (ATS) based in the DSC Clinic in Kelantan Lane.

4th Gen Test Kit

In an effort to improve our services, the AFA MTS has introduced the 4th generation test kits at $42 per test.

Fourth-generation tests kits look for both antibodies AND antigens. While 3rd generation test kits only test for antibodies. You are therefore able to do your HIV test at our clinic 14 days after exposure.

At the MTS, the camaraderie is strong, and people are always willing to teach. What you will experience in MTS cannot be duplicated anywhere, and you will take away a better understanding of others from vastly different backgrounds.

It’s difficult for me to choose the one most defining moment in MTS, but I felt like a part of me was missing when I was busy in school and didn’t volunteer for a month. It’s only when I returned did I realise what was missing. That moment when I realise that achieving goals at work and school was just not enough the soul, to me, was the most defining moment.

WilliamManagement Consulting (intern), PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting (Singapore)

I first met Lokman and Liwai at the MTS behind Taboo and found out about the good work they do. I feel that I have gotten a lot more out of the volunteer work than I have given. I am blessed to be able to meet people who have helped open up my heart and mind. Every conversation I had with these people have been enriching and I was glad I was able to share parts of their lives and be there with some of them when they needed a listening ear or a helping hand.

Sim Eng Chee JetFreelance Training and Consultancy

Volunteering with MTS has been a very fulfilling experience for me since I know that I am helping and giving back to the community by clearing up misconceptions, empowering individuals with vital information, easing doubts and helping the community reach our goal of zero new infections one anonymous HIV test at a time.The best part about volunteering with MTS? The numerous hugs you from our patrons after each test.

Clement LinResearch Coordinator, Singapore General Hospital