Coordinated Care

What is coordinated care?

HIV treatment has come a long way since the virus was first discovered some 30 years ago. Yet, an HIV diagnosis is still a scary, traumatising and isolating experience. AFA’s Coordinated Care programme is an integrated care model that provides a holistic approach for individuals and families living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

With one phone call or visit, you can be connected with a wide range of programmes and services to address your physical, psychological or spiritual needs. All contacts are confidential.

The first and highest priority is to ensure that persons diagnosed or living with HIV/AIDS are enrolled and sustained in coordinated health care that optimises their health and well being, while families or care providers receive tools to help cope, manage and guide them through different phases of their life.

How May I Help You Today?

To cover the major portion of the cost of newly diagnosed’s first visit to CDC

ARV medication are all classified as non-standard drugs. The AfA Medication Assistance Fund provides financial assistance to needy PWAs who cannot afford to pay for anti-retroviral medications.

This is for pregnant HIV+ mothers who cannot afford Anti-retroviral (ARV) medication to prevent or minimise the chance of mother-to-chid transmission.

The objectives of the fund are to:

  1. assist families of persons with HIV infection, particularly those who have been severely impacted financially; and
  2. provide for areas that other AIDS assistance programmes may not have covered in the past, e.g., children’s school & transport fees, single HIV+ parent’s household expenditure, etc.

There are currently 4 self-help patient support groups funded and supported by AFA. Through these support groups, PWA interests and rights are represented in all of AFA’s activities, at both organisational and participatory levels, with confidentiality preserved.

Life Goes On (LGO)

  • LGO caters to infected heterosexual men and women

Club Genesis (CG)

  • CG is a self-help patient support group for Men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM).

Muslim + (M+)

  • Peer support group catering to infected Malay/Muslim.

Unity Group

  • Peer support group for affected and women living with HIV/AIDS.

Volunteers in the Buddies Programme offer emotional and practical support to HIV-positive people and their loved ones through weekly visits to the ward, they also offer their friendship and companionship to this community.