ATS : Anonymous Testing Service

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    Affordable, Safe, Simple

  • Trained Volunteers

    There are trained volunteers on hand to provide pre- and post-test counselling for clients.

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Operating Hours

Tuesdays & Wednesdays 6.30pm to 8.15pm
Saturday 1.30pm to 3.15pm
Closed on eve of PH & PH

Service Provided

Anonymous HIV Test

  • 3rd Generation – $32
  • 4th Generation – $42

Anonymous Syphilis Test – $30 each

The AFA ATS is Singapore’s largest and longest running HIV & Syphilis Anonymous Testing Service.

The ATS, which operates three times a week, is the busiest of the seven anonymous HIV test sites in Singapore approved by MOH. Staffed by trained and dedicated volunteers, the AFA ATS prides itself on providing affordable, safe and simple service to all patrons, regardless of gender, race, nationality and sexual orientation.

Test results are available within 15-20 mins of doing the test.
If you are unsure about what happens at the test site, click the link to view a video and walk through the whole process of testing.

Anonymous HIV testing in 4 easy steps

If you need help or have questions, please call the HIV/AIDS Hotline at 6254 0212.

Note: AFA is not affiliated with DSC clinic.

With kind support and sponsorship from DSC, ATS is allowed to operate within a clinical setting when the DSC is closed. For more information about DSC:

Watch How It’s Done

  • Window Period

    Before you take a test, check if you have cleared the 30 days window period.

  • Step 1: Reception

    Upon entering the clinic, you’ll be greeted at the reception counter by our friendly volunteer. An HIV test costs just $30; and you can choose to have either the blood test (finger prick) or oral fluid (no needles or blood) test.

    You will be given a receipt with a number on it. This is the only means for us to identify you – not by name or any other personal particulars.

    You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire, so that you can tell us a little bit more about yourself. Rest assured that the information you provide will be kept anonymous and confidential. Your counsellor will call your number once it’s your turn.

  • Step 2: Pre-test Counselling

    This is done inside one of the private consultation rooms and the session is kept anonymous and confidential. For the purpose of doing an HIV risk assessment, your counsellor will ask you some personal questions about your risk behaviour. Some notes may be taken down on the form, but this will still remain anonymous and confidential. You should take this opportunity to ask your counsellor any questions you may have about HIV, safer sex or sexual health.

  • Step 3: Oral Fluids or Blood Testing

    Oral Fluid

    If you have chosen to have the oral fluid test, your counsellor will take you through the test in the same room where you are counselled.

    The oral fluid test kit does not require any blood samples, only oral fluids from the mucous membrane lining in your mouth. The counsellor will hand over the test stick, where you will swap it along your gums.

    Blood Testing

    If you have chosen to have the blood testing, you will be asked to wait outside the testing room until your number is called. When it’s your turn, the volunteer tester will call your number. In the room, your finger will be pricked to get a few drops of blood for the HIV-antibody test strip.

    Only sterile and disposable equipment are used for this procedure, including gloves, needles, test strips, and cotton wool.

  • Step 4: Result & Post-test Counselling

    About 20 minutes after the test, your counsellor will again call your number to give you the result of your HIV test.