Zero New Infections Through Education

An important pillar of our mission, these programmes help to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS through targeted outreach activities to key populations.

Our volunteers help us reach out to key populations through education, on-ground and online activities such as distribution of brochures and safer sex kits, encouraging testing, treatment and adoption of PrEP, and other technologies and methods to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Zero HIV Related Deaths Through Care & Support

Anonymous HIV-testing promotes wider community awareness and sexual health well being. The organization also provides financial assistance, leads specific support groups and other empowerment workshops to close the gap between diagnosis and care.

Our volunteers help with the operations of Singapore’s largest not-for-profit anonymous HIV & Syphilis screening center. They are trained to provide best-in-class service to various communities that we serve so that we can reduce onward transmission by ensuring everyone is linked to care.

Zero Stigma & Discrimination Through Advocacy

Since its inception, AfA has been a visible advocate for the fair treatment of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS. Today, we continue our efforts to advocate access to affordable treatment for all persons living with HIV/AIDS and prevention tools for all.

The main objective our volunteers are trying to achieve is to reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination, which are barriers to the uptake of HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care services.

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