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Emergenetics Selected Partner

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Emergenetics Selected Partner

AfA is proud to be a selected partner of Emergenetic’s SG50 community initiative.

In celebration of Singapore’s jubilee, Emergenetics International is partnering with their trained associates to design and conduct 50 pro bono workshops for leadership and management teams of non-profit organisations in Singapore as a way of giving back by empowering the key stakeholders who are making a difference.

AfA adopted the universal goal, set by UNAIDS, to achieve 3 zeros; zero deaths caused by HIV, zero new infections and zero discrimination and stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. This workshop will allow us to pool our resources and focus our energy towards achieving this goal through better understanding, and better allocation of objectives.


Emergenetics International-Asia Pacific is the Asia Pacific headquarters of Emergenetics International, an organisational development consulting company dedicated to realising the potential of people in organisations, the community and at home. We are experts in the way people think, behave and communicate and we apply this to every facet of the way individuals work and the way people understand themselves.