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“Shine A Light” by ELLE Perspective – AfA Singapore Featured in ELLE Singapore Dec ’23 Issue

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“Shine A Light” by ELLE Perspective – AfA Singapore Featured in ELLE Singapore Dec ’23 Issue

In December 2024, ELLE Singapore reached out to various Singaporean Non-Profit Organisations to share their plans, festive initiatives, and how locals can contribute to their causes during the season of giving. The following is the segment featuring Prof. Roy Chan, Founder and President of AfA Singapore.


For over three decades, AfA has been a beacon of hope in the battle against HIV/AIDS in Singapore, [and our vision is to] end HIV in Singapore by 2030. Our unwavering commitment to providing support, knowledge, and advocacy has been the cornerstone of our collective effort to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, tear down the walls of stigma and enhance the quality of life for those affected or who are vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.


The holidays this year hold a special significance that goes beyond the traditional year-end festivities. This is because AfA will be celebrating a milestone — our 35th anniversary! But that’s not all. December 1st has a special place in our hearts as it marks World AIDS Day, a day of immense significance for me and the AIDS community in Singapore and around the world. For me, this holiday season is about joyous celebration and heartfelt reflection — as we partake in the festivities of the season, we should also remind ourselves of our collective responsibility to continue the battle against HIV/AIDS and provide support to those affected by it. This December, we are reaffirming our unwavering commitment to nurturing a healthier, more compassionate world — and working towards a world without HIV/AIDS.


This December, we have a diverse array of dynamic initiatives that promise to shine a spotlight on the critical HIV/AIDS cause. These include a social media and community outreach campaign to educate, illuminate, and debunk myths, and free HIV anonymous testing and mobile testing services.

We are also participating in the Singapore HIV Congress presented by the National HIV Program (NHIVP) under the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). We will also launch the latest season of “People Like Us”, a web series offering a poignant and insightful perspective into what it’s like being gay in Singapore, and participate in the ViiV/GSK Community Discussion by ViiV Healthcare, to address vital issues when it comes to combating HIV-related stigma, enhancing education and fortifying prevention initiatives.

You can also make a donation at Our outreach and educational programmes serve as beacons of awareness, dispelling myths, reducing stigma and promoting safer practices. Our support and care programmes are lifelines for many — we provide HIV testing, counselling and support to individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS. The contribution will help transform our vision of ending HIV/ AIDS in Singapore into a reality