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Action for AIDS Singapore Marks Its 35th Anniversary and World AIDS Day 2023 by Reaffirming Its Commitment to End HIV/AIDS

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Action for AIDS Singapore Marks Its 35th Anniversary and World AIDS Day 2023 by Reaffirming Its Commitment to End HIV/AIDS

27 November 2023 – Singapore has made remarkable strides since the first case of HIV was reported in 1985. Today with the tremendous biomedical advances in HIV prevention and treatment, there is unanimous agreement among HIV advocates, physicians, researchers, and others that this is the most opportune time to stop new infections and every effort should be made to do so.

Action for AIDS Singapore (AfA) in November 2019, unveiled the “Community Blueprint Towards Ending HIV and AIDS in Singapore by 2030.” This strategic blueprint meticulously addresses prevailing issues across key sectors, identifies service gaps, and outlines necessary efforts and investments needed in community organizations, research, and clinical spheres to effectively terminate HIV transmission and AIDS by 2030. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs and services have shown resilience and are steadily regaining momentum towards their pre-pandemic levels. Looking ahead, AfA is committed to a strategic expansion of our outreach initiatives, testing endeavours, and partnerships with various stakeholders. This forward trajectory reflects our dedication to bolstering our efforts and reinforcing our collaborations, ensuring a robust response in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Prof Roy Chan, President of AfA, emphasized, “As we celebrate AfA’s 35th Anniversary and commemorate World AIDS Day 2023 – we recommit ourselves to eradicating stigma, improving healthcare access, and supporting individuals living with HIV. World AIDS Day is a global rallying call for unity, diversity celebration, and collective action towards a future where HIV/AIDS poses no barriers to living healthy, fulfilling lives.”

Under the theme “Let the Communities Lead,” World AIDS Day 2023 reinforces the pivotal role of communities in spearheading progress against HIV. Organizations representing communities living with, at risk of, or impacted by HIV stand at the forefront of the HIV response. They play a crucial role in connecting individuals with person-cantered public health services, fostering trust, and driving innovation.

AfA Singapore warmly invites everyone to join us in our World AIDS Day activities, where your involvement can make a meaningful difference. Whether it’s engaging in discussions, connecting with us on social media, participating at our events and outreach initiatives, each action contributes significantly to our collective journey towards an AIDS-free Singapore:

– Zero New HIV Infections
– Zero AIDS Deaths
– Zero AIDS-related Stigma and Discrimination

To commemorate World AIDS Day 2023, our key initiatives include:

– Educational Campaign: Throughout December, we are launching an extensive month-long educational campaign, leveraging on social media and community outreach to educate, illuminate, and debunk myths. We are breaking down barriers and reducing stigma, all while encouraging safe behaviours.

– Free HIV Tests: Through our Anonymous Testing and Mobile Testing Services, we are emphasizing the vital importance of knowing one’s HIV status. Early detection and treatment are paramount, and we are here to make that a reality.

– Singapore HIV Congress: On December 2, we are participating in the Singapore HIV Congress presented by the National HIV Program (NHIVP) under the National Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCID). The Congress will spotlight collaborations among community groups, individuals living with HIV, healthcare providers, and public health practitioners, uniting to advance partnerships in the fight against HIV and improve health outcomes.

Details at

– New ‘People Like Us’ Web Series: On December 7, we will be launching the latest season of ‘People Like Us,’ a web series offering a poignant and insightful perspective on being gay in Singapore. With a focus on the marginalized community, the show delves into critical health issues. Read about the series at

– Community Discussion: On December 9 & 19, we be participating in the ViiV/GSK Community Discussion, addressing vital issues in combating HIV-related stigma, enhancing education, and fortifying prevention initiatives. Read about ViiV/GSK at

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Ben Leong
Communications Executive
Action for AIDS, Singapore
9139 0990

Benedict Thambiah
Board Member & Communications Sub Comm.
Action for AIDS, Singapore
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Action for AIDS Singapore

Action for AIDS Singapore (AfA) was set up in 1988, responding to the challenge of HIV/AIDS, Sexual Health and STI in Singapore. For over three dedicated decades, Action for AIDS Singapore has been a beacon of hope in the battle against HIV/AIDS. Our unwavering commitment to providing support, knowledge, and advocacy has been the cornerstone of our collective effort to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS, tear down the walls of stigma, and enhance the quality of life for those affected and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS.

– Lifesaving Programs: Our programs are lifelines for many. We provide HIV testing, counselling, and unwavering support to individuals affected by HIV/AIDS.

– Education and Empowerment: Knowledge is indeed power, especially in preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS. We are dedicated to educating and enlightening our community. Our outreach and educational campaigns serve as beacons of awareness, dispelling myths and promoting safer practices.

– Reducing Stigma: The persistent stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS poses a formidable barrier to progress. Action for AIDS Singapore stands resolute in the face of this challenge, tirelessly working to dismantle stigma brick by brick, to build a more compassionate and inclusive society.

– Community Support: our care and support touch the lives of at-risk and marginalized communities, as well as individuals and families affected by HIV/AIDS in Singapore – providing them with the resources, compassion, and support needed to embrace healthier and more fulfilling lives.

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