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  • About Us


    AFA is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to fighting AIDS/HIV infection in Singapore. It draws upon a network of healthcare professionals, advocates, educators and volunteers, to implement educational, testing, treatment and welfare programmes.

    AFA was formed in 1988 in response to the global and local spread of HIV infection. It is a registered Charity and is recognised by IPC (Institution of Public Character) since 2004. It has introduced numerous innovative projects and runs a broad range of support, welfare and educational programmes. The society has a staff of 10 and a volunteer pool of over 200. It is governed by a volunteer Executive Committee and funded through programmatic grants from government agencies as well as donations from both private individuals and businesses. The AFA Endowment Fund is managed by a Board of Trustees.

  • Mission

    The organisation focuses on its AIDS commitment through the promotion of prevention, education and advocating for and providing care to benefit the welfare of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

    To mark our 25th year, we have adopted the tagline “Doing It Better” to help us achieve our goals of zero new infections, zero deaths due to HIV/AIDS related illnesses and zero discrimination and stigma.

    We are committed to work together to

    1. Prevent HIV transmission through promotion of behavioural and biomedical strategies;
    2. Reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals by working towards universal access to treatment and care;
    3. Advocate for implementation of policies and programmes that will reduce HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Singapore.
  • Doing It Better

    Formed in 1988, the organisation has evolved its functions and objectives – from the promotion of basic public awareness of HIV/AIDS and starting up support and assistance for persons living with HIV infection, to its present day role that requires greater coordination and collaboration, delivering complex prevention and care programmes in a globalised and connected society.

    Together with your support, we are doing it better!

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We can be reached at :
Action for AIDS, Singapore

Mailing Address:
9 Kelantan Lane #03-01
Singapore 208628
c/o DSC Clinic:
31 Kelantan Lane #02-16
Singapore 200031

Tel : (65) 6254 0212
Fax : (65) 6256 5903
Email : info@afa.org.sg

Name of Organisation: Action For AIDS (Singapore)
UEN: S88SS0126A
IPC No: HEF0006/G
Date of Charity Registration: 07/10/1994
IPC Period: 30/12/2016 -29/12/2019