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12th Singapore AIDS Conference – HIV & STI in the Time of COVID-19

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12th Singapore AIDS Conference – HIV & STI in the Time of COVID-19


What a year 2020 has been! We are in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic that has to date caused the deaths of over a million people and sickened tens of millions across the globe. Offices and workplaces were closed for months and the economy is taking a massive hit. Many businesses, organisations and livelihoods are in jeopardy. It is fair to say that our futures have never been more uncertain!

Yet optimism is absolutely needed if we are going to properly care for our patients with HIV infection, to improve ourselves, to devise changes to our programmes and workplaces to improve health care, education, and research. COVID vaccines will eventually arrive and the COVID pandemic will wane.

It is against this backdrop we are presenting the 12th Singapore AIDS Conference (SAC). We have chosen the theme this year to be – HIV and STI in the Time of COVID-19, to highlight the enormous impact that COVID-19 has had on efforts to manage HIV and STI, and how plans to prevent and the end of HIV have been impacted.

The 12th SAC will be held over 2 Saturday afternoons, on the 28th November and 5th of December. It will be a virtual conference. Registration for the conference will be free-of-charge.

The programme will comprise of 2 Webinars on each Saturday afternoon. They will highlight major themes that are confronting HIV/AIDS and Sexually-Transmitted Infections (STI) –

Webinar 1: Covid-19 and Its Impact on HIV/STI

Webinar 2: Ending HIV – Updates

Webinar 3: PrEP Implementation and Scale-Up – Updates

Webinar 4: Update on HIV Treatment and Cure

Each Webinar will feature a plenary talk by a world-renowned expert. This will be followed by presentations by leaders of the local response, and a lively question and answer session.

The future of AIDS response is in our hands. We invite you to participate in the 12th Singapore AIDS Conference and learn what experts and advocates have to offer.

Stay safe and stay well.

Prof. Roy Chan
Co-Chair 12th SAC
President AfA
Head National STI Programme
A/Prof. Lee Cheng Chuan
Co-Chair 12th SAC
Sr Consultant, NCID

The Singapore AIDS Conference has been held every 2 years since 1998.

They provide an invaluable platform where health care professionals, researchers, public health officials, community partners, policy makers, PLWHA, key populations and affected communities can come together to take stock of the situation, and share new knowledge and information that can stop the spread of HIV, address HIV-related stigma and discrimination, and improve care and support for PLHIV.
The 12th SAC will build on the momentum of previous conferences and will invigorate and energise our programmes to ending HIV in Singapore.