MSM : Men who have sex with men Outreach Programme

Kn+w Y-ur Sign

What’s your sign? Are you a Mr. Mind Blowing Sex or are you Mr. & Mrs. Unforgettable Sex? launches brand new campaign featuring community celebrities for gay, bisexual and questioning men.

Knowing the kind of sex that excites you is half the fun, knowing your risk, making sure you have all the right tools and information to make it safe completes the package.

Know Your Sign, encourages gay men to know their risk, take a test, find out about PrEP, and/or start treatment through knowing their star signs. Gayhealth wants to make the experience as simple, safe, and appropriate for the GBQ community.


The objective of the AFA MSM Programme is to reduce the spread of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) amongst gay, bi and men who have sex with men (MSM) in Singapore.

Through educational outreach activities,we aim to

  • reduce high risk sexual activities through raising awareness about healthy sexuality
  • improve safer sex negotiation by increasing HIV/STI knowledge
  • encourage regular testing
  • and introduce harm reduction approaches

In addition to education prevention, the programme also offers social support through collaboration with community partnerships and stakeholders.

What We Do

With our team of dedicated volunteers, we have been providing sexual health workshops, conducting venue-based outreach activities at saunas, bars and clubs as well as online forums via Smartphone Apps. We actively work towards growing capacity of stakeholders and community partners to help conduct innovative campaigns, identify sexual health trends and together to foster a stronger community.

How Can I Get Involved?

You can get involved by becoming an AFA volunteer to help with our outreach activities. To volunteer, please fill out our online volunteer intake form or speak to one of our friendly staff at an outreach event.